lørdag kl. 14:00 - 14:45 Kokkekurs

Sesongbasert julemiddag med Wilder Kitchen

Lær hvordan du imponerer med sesongens lokale råvarer til julemiddagen!

Bilde av bord med forskjellige retter

Christmas is a time of the year when many miss the nostalgia of familiar tastes. We have a tradition of flavors associated with Christmas that can feel overwhelming to adapt to once pursuing a plant based diet. In this cooking demonstration Wilder Kitchen will show you how you can have all the flavor and approach the season using seasonal vegetables available from local farms. The season can be abundant and you won't miss a thing.

Wilder Kitchen runs events that connect people with nature through plant food and through curated meals in beautiful locations. Created by chef, Rebecca Hawkes, Wilder Kitchen focuses upon the nutritional aspects of plants and how to harness the potent flavors in these ingredients to make creative dishes. The aim, to surprise, delight and open eyes to the abundance of the natural world. All vegan, whole food and sourced locally as well as organic.

As part of Wilder Kitchen, Rebecca runs a series of events under the name 'Human Kind Project'. This project is a donation cafe where the focus is upon building community and giving access to healthy plant food, regardless of budget. The cafe runs once a month and is entirely funded by the community with a 'pay what you can' model. The project is supported by food donations from local cafés and make use of produce from the garden in which it is held, and food 'waste' from industry.

NB! This course will be held in English.

Bilde av foredragsholder Rebecca Hawkes